The artistic residency Catchupa Factory – New Photographers 2022 brought together 12 artists and photographers from Cape Verde, Angola and Mozambique for 3 intensive weeks of collaboration, complicity and artistic creation. The island of São Vicente, in Cabo Verde was once again the venue for this initiative, from 22 August to 9 September. The workshop was led by photographers Akinbode Akinbiyi and Diogo Bento. Catchupa Factory is an initiative of AOJE with main funding from the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

Photo courtesy of Queila Fernandes / Catchupa Factory

The Centre of Learning for Photography in Africa (CLPA) has been selected to showcase 19 of its photographers at the 6th edition of the Photo Vogue Festival 2021 in Milan, Italy. This year’s theme is REFRAMING HISTORY: "an exploration of projects that aim to present an alternative view, reinventing neglected historical figures or questioning stereotyped narratives".

Photograph by Carla Rebelo