CLPA is a network of photography education institutions and educators in Africa. The network was initiated in 2014 from a need for a cohesive, support network of photography learning institutions on the African continent. Since its inception, CLPA has maintained a framework of support between core member organisations through continued and sustained discussion, meetings and training sessions. Through continued discussion, CLPA members have consolidated a shared ethos and future vision for the network. The primary aim and focus of the CLPA network is to help develop the professionalism of African photography and photography education on the continent.


CLPA’s vision is to develop relevant photographers and photography institutions on the African continent.


CLPA’s mission is to network established and emerging institutions that have sustained educational and reflective engagement with photography on the African continent to share and exchange relevant information, discourse, knowledge and skills responsive to improving the quality of photography education and capacities for professional practice.

CLPA aims to

Build skills and knowledge of emerging photographers for professional practice.
Support structures of learning centres.
Add artistic, reflective and curatorial aspects of photography training.
Develop educational modules and methods enhancing quality of training relevant to context.
Develop networks, strengthening cultures of photography to create audiences & build communities.